About The Author

About the author

Steve Woolstenhulme

Meet Steve Woolstenhulme, the epitome of an adventurous and multifaceted entrepreneur. Hailing from rural Idaho, Steve’s journey to success is both remarkable and inspiring. From his early days riding horses on the family ranch to operating heavy equipment for his father’s construction company, he developed a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the value of hard work and perseverance.

While many might assume Steve’s success was a result of a business-related education, he took a unique path, obtaining a degree in French instead. He often quips, “I was fortunate to get a degree in French, so I would never be tempted to get a job.” This demonstrates his fearless and unconventional approach to life, as he refused to be confined to a traditional career path.

Steve’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to venture into diverse industries, successfully building companies in real estate, software, and aviation. Through his ventures, he brought innovation, efficiency, and opportunities to numerous communities. At the peak of his career, his ventures employed over 800 people, positively impacting countless lives.